How to Meal Prep (And Actually Enjoy It)

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How to Meal Prep (And Actually Enjoy It)

Posted on 11th Jan 2019

Meal preparation is a popular routine for those who want to practice healthy cooking in a simple way. We believe it is a fun, useful skill that can benefit anyone for many different reasons. First, it is helpful for those with a tight schedule, as it allows you to “grab and go” a meal when needed. Second, it saves money, as it keeps you from ordering out. Third, and most importantly, it prevents “cheating” when trying to eat healthier, because meals are ready to go and were prepared based on nutritious recipes and/or positive intentions. Meal prepping comes with many benefits, but it can be difficult to get the motivation to start and continue the practice. Keep reading to learn how you can master the art of meal prepping for the entire week. Happy prepping!

1. Find good storage containers.

Food storage containers do not have to be expensive or monogrammed with intricate designs, they just need to do their job, which is seal and protect your food. You can find affordable containers online that are durable and seal well, so you don’t have to worry about your food leaking and making a mess.

2. Look for recipes that you know you will like.

Be sure to choose recipes that you know you will enjoy. You do not want to be stuck with a week’s worth of meals that you will not eat. You can find many recipes and meal ideas online (visit Food Fitness First to help you get started).

3. Pick recipes that will stay fresh throughout the week.

Certain foods do not hold well in the fridge for longer than a day or so. An important lesson about meal prepping is to find recipes that can maintain taste and texture over the course of a few days. Some great foods are rice, beans and lentils, fresh uncut fruits and vegetables, soup and chicken that hasn’t been sliced. Try out different recipes that you know you like and see if it is still just as good as the week goes on.

4. Don’t be afraid to spice it up each day.

Try adding different spices or sauces to basic ingredients for variety. Even if you cook chicken and rice in bulk, adding Italian seasoning one day and fat-free dressing the next can create a whole new meal.

5. Portion.

Another important tip for meal prepping is to pre-portion. This allows for the ease of grabbing your food and going. Portioning also allows for more mindful eating. When you prepare just one serving, you won’t have to worry about overindulging. This makes meal prepping a healthier option when compared to the massive portions you may get at a restaurant.

6. Don’t forget snacks!

Not everyone thinks about preparing snacks in addition to a full meal, but it is just as important. Snacks can be fun to prepare, because they take less time and are usually foods to look forward to. Some quick and easy snack ideas might include one piece of fruit, carrot sticks and hummus, or an ounce of whole wheat pretzel sticks with nut butter.

Written by Food Fitness First, Inc.® Dietetic Intern Taylor Wooten.

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