The purpose of Food Fitness First, Inc.® is to provide simple nutrition and health information to all. We understand that nutrition and fitness information can be overwhelming at times, so we are here to help. We offer expert advice and resources at your fingertips so that you can take charge of your health and attain desired goals.

Our registered and licensed dietitians have developed recipes, menus, tips and many more resources that address specific dietary challenges. From healthy, diabetes, carb counting, low sodium, renal disease, renal diabetes, plant based, Syndrome-X (Metabolic Syndrome), pediatrics, sports nutrition and more, we bring to you the most relevant and up-to-date information available that will allow you to incorporate healthy eating patterns into your daily life. 

The Food Fitness First, Inc.® program is based on the FOOD SPIRAL®. This nutrition tool allows you to make the best food choices in regards to your dietary challenge(s). Our FOOD SPIRAL’s® are based on the 3 simple colors of a traffic light and can be seen as healthiest from top to bottom, left to right, light to dark and large to small. 

When you sign up with Food Fitness First, Inc.®, you will first provide us with your health information and then will be assigned a 1) Favorable Fitness Factor® and 2) FOOD SPIRAL® that best suits your needs. A Favorable Fitness Factor® is a specific score of your health which designates how much food you should eat per day. Depending on which spiral you are placed on, each individual food is assigned a number and a color to represent its level of health. To stay healthy, you add these food numbers together (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and avoid going above your Favorable Fitness Factor® number each day.

Are you a health care professional working on your own and need a good nutrition and fitness program? Or do you work as a health care professional for an organization that needs a wellness program? That’s great! We offer Certification Training that teaches you how our program works so that you can educate members of your organization or corporation how to live a healthier lifestyle. With this option, Pam Thompson, the owner of Food Fitness First, Inc.®, or a designated trainer will show you how our program works. You will receive a 12-week guide, multiple support documents, meal plans, PowerPoint slides and more, and will also have the unique opportunity to purchase our FOOD SPIRAL® Books. Contact to learn more today.

We like to think that we are not a diet program, but a way to help individuals struggling with dietary challenges learn what foods they should or should not eat in a simple way. After you or your physician provide us with the necessary health information we need, you will receive informational step-by-step guides that tell you what is good for you to eat, educate you about your condition and help you plan for the future. From hundreds of “What Can I Do” handouts to menus, recipes, explanations of common illnesses and medical issues and more, we love creating new material available for you. So, if you have something you’d like to know about in the nutrition, disease and fitness topics, please let us know and we’ll make it available. Lower literacy options are currently available upon request and a Spanish option will be available in the near future!

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