Chicken Wrap

Dietary Challenge: Healthy Eating

3 Green

Food FactorsPer Serving


1 Whole Grain Tortilla

2 oz. Chicken

1 cup Mixed Vegetables

1/4 Avocado

Salt & Pepper

Pam® Spray


Cut the chicken into strips and salt and pepper both sides. On a separate cutting board, slice desired 1 cup of vegetables. (we recommend bell peppers). Spray two pans with Pam®  spray and cook chicken until done on medium heat in one pan. Cook vegetables in other pan until softened on low-medium heat. On cutting board, slice 1/4 avocado. Spread tortilla flat on a plate. Add the sliced avocado, cooked chicken and vegetables. You can add kale if desired for crunch and no added factors! Wrap tortilla and enjoy!

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