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Children's Nutrition



With Karen Baldree, RDN, CSP, LD - Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition

Parenting is tough, everyone would agree.  But, what if you are faced with a child who has food allergies?  A teenager who is obese? Or a toddler who refuses to eat... ANYTHING?  What are you to do?  Karen Baldree, pediatric dietitian with Food Fitness First is here to help .

Karen is here to provide the support you need to help your family, like: recipes, menus and expert advise. Let our Registered Dietitian who is specialized in pediatric nutrition help you to gain the tools you need to succeed.

Meet Karen Baldree


Karen's insight into challenges with Children's Nutrition

Karen's Recipes for Children 

Healthy Pizza

A great meal for the whole family! Healthy toppings make a beloved food more nutritious.


Baked Chicken Fingers

Kids with soy and wheat allergies can have a problem finding chicken nuggets that are safe to eat. This is the answer. We use …


Macaroni & Cheese - Lactose Free

This kid favorite can now be enjoyed by everyone- even those with lactose intolerance.


Allergy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every child needs a chocolate chip cookie every now and again. This allergy-free cookie gives your child with food allergies a …


Baked Oatmeal That Kids Love

Looking for a nutritious and yummy breakfast before sending your kids off to school? Try this baked oatmeal. It’s delicious wh…


Peaches and Cream Muffins

Once you have tried these muffins, you will have to have them every time you serve brunch!


Fruited Chicken Salad

Shake up your chicken salad by replacing the mayo with sour cream or plain yogurt, throw in some apples and grapes and you have …


Oat Bread

This hearty oat bread is the perfect substitute for wheat bread for those with or without a wheat allergy. It is delicious by i…