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Are you looking for the latest tips and expert advise on food and fitness?  The Food Fitness First blog is your answer.  We will provide you with the help you need for all ages and different types of dietary challenges.  We have experts in diabetes, pediatrics, sport nutrition and much more.  So check us out often.

Holiday Desserts

Making the sweet treats both tasty and healthy.

Christmas Favorites

Healthy alternatives to common Christmas favorites.

Christmas Dinner Sides

Delicious, healthy Christmas dinner sides for your main meal.

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

There's no need to worry about holiday pounds - you can eat great without the weight!

10 Tips -Shopping for a Person with Diabetes

Have you or someone you love has been diagnosed with Diabetes? Grocery Shopping just got a little bit harder... Pam Thompson and…

10 tips for Grocery Shopping For Low Sodium Foods and Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

Sodium is a mineral that we need in small amountsto live –However, our food supply, in prepared and processed foods, has a lot …

5 Tips for Grocery Shopping for a Gluten Free Diet

Do you or someone your know have Celiac Disease? Shopping for someone that a gluten allergy can be difficult. Food Fitness first…

5 Grocery Shopping Tips for College Student

With the busy lifestyle of today's college student, they find very little time to grocery shop. We try to help make the chore fa…

Justin Dukes Success Story

See how Food Fitness First has helped an upcoming star!

The Healty Food Spiral- Learning the Basics

What are food factors and what do they mean? Let us tell you...

What is the Food SPIRAL and Why did I Create It?

Learn how the Food SPIRAL came to be.

Tips For Stopping Childhood Obesity Before It Starts

With childhood obesity on the rise, prevention is the key. Karen Baldree gives you tips on how to stop childhood obesity before…

Insight into Peanut & Nut Allergies

Peanut allergies are considered the most dangerous of allergies. With proper knowledge you can avoid food that can be harmful. …

Your Guide to Baking Egg-Free

Eggs are used in so many recipes! That makes it difficult if you are allergic to eggs. Food Fitness First provide egg-free opt…

Milk-Free cooking for people with a Milk Allergy

Are you struggling to cook for someone with a milk allergy? We have your answer to Milk-Free cooking for people with a Milk All…

Fresh Juice: Healthy or Just Hype?

Kids love juice! Juices or making your own juice by the process of juicing is very popular right now. All kinds of mixtures ar…

The Scoop on Greek Yogurt & Yogurt Shops

Greek yogurt and yogurt shops are everywhere. Yet, are they good for you? Let's see...

Jazzing Up Your Child's Brown Bag School Lunch

Concerned about your child being picked on for bringing a healthy lunch? Today we will look at ways to make your child's lunch f…

Kids with Special Needs Have Rights Too- Know Your Rights

As a new school year begins, parents of special needs children may have many concerns. We will examine ways to help relieve som…

Common Food Allergies, Common Substitutions: The How-To of Food Allergies

So your child has been diagnosed with a food allergy, what next? How do you know what food is safe? For each of the most commo…

Embarrassed By Your Child's Food Allergies?

Food allergies in children can be troublesome but when it comes to things like birthday parties and school activities, they can …

How to Make a Recipe Allergy-Free

Removing a food allergen and replacing it with a safe food may sound like a simple task. But, when the food that is being repla…

Five Tips to Improve Your HgbA1C- Look to the Food Fitness First Diabetes Spiral to Give You the Answers!

What are five foods that will improve you HgbA1C level? Let our diabetes expert tell you!

Diabetes Expo – A Great Way to Learn About Diabetes in Your Community

Looking for a source of hands-on information about diabetes? Try a diabetes expo!

Pam Thompson speaks at the 3rd Annual Georgia Student Health Center Conference

Pam Thompson, CEO of Food Fitness First was a featured speaker at the The 3rd Annual Student Health Center Conference presented …

What is Diabetes Control and is Insulin the Answer?

Is insulin the right choice for you? How do you take control of your blood sugar? Let our expert give you the answer.

Carb-Loading Basics

When training, it is extremely important to eat healthy. A very important way to do that is to eat the right ratio of carbohydr…

Best Times to Eat When Working Out

Timing is Everything. When you eat and what you eat can affect your exercise performance and the way you feel while you're exerc…

Exercise Healthy Tip: Breakfast for Champions

Breakfast is important for everyone. But, to someone who is exercising regularly, it is extremely important. Here are a few exam…

Exercise and Disease Prevention: Obesity

It seems as if everyone wants to lose weight today, and rightfully so. Obesity rates are on the rise. Obesity increases your r…

Reversing the Effects of Pre-Diabetes

Tips to stop pre-diabetes in it's tracks.

Exercises for Poor Circulation

Quick and easy exercises and health tips for people with poor leg circulation.

Thirst & Kidney Disease

Top 5 Tips to help when you are thirsty and have fluid restriction.

3 Things for Healthy Fun in the Sun

Three important tips to healthy eating during your child's summer vacation.

Secret to Great Health

Let me share a little secret with you. The secret to healthy eating is really no secret at all...

Food Safety's Top 10

Top 10 ways to keep your food safe

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Healthy Turkey Breast

A healthy, satisfying centerpiece to your holiday meal.

Moderately Healthy Fresh Pork Loin

A light alternative to the main holiday course.

Unhealthy Honey Baked Ham

A recipe for the original Christmas ham.

Healthy Strawberry Salad

A flavorful strawberry treat, perfect for an after dinner dessert.

Moderately Healthy Cheesecake Squares

This all-time favorite can still be extremely tasty in a healthier version.

Traditional Pecan Pie

A favorite dessert for many during the holidays.