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Take the Food Fitness First Dietary Challenge

Food Fitness First,Inc.® has become an integral part of Georgia Southern University Health Center.  It has worked with every area pertaining with food and health services on campus. 

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Discovering a Better Approach

To a Healthier U

healthy-food-spiral.jpgFor more than a decade, Food Fitness First, Inc® and the Healthy Food Spiral®, has given hundreds the means to tackle their dietary challenges.  Discover the science, passion and success that has made the Healthy Food Spiral® a game changer in the lives of many.  

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Random Selections From Our Blog

Healthy Advice from Our Nutritionists & Dietitians

Here are some random blog posts from our health advice & information blog.

Holiday Desserts

Making the sweet treats both tasty and healthy.

Christmas Favorites

Healthy alternatives to common Christmas favorites.

Christmas Dinner Sides

Delicious, healthy Christmas dinner sides for your main meal.

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

There's no need to worry about holiday pounds - you can eat great without the we…

10 Tips -Shopping for a Person with Diabetes

Have you or someone you love has been diagnosed with Diabetes? Grocery Shopping …

10 tips for Grocery Shopping For Low Sodium Foods and Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

Sodium is a mineral that we need in small amountsto live –However, our food sup…

5 Tips for Grocery Shopping for a Gluten Free Diet

Do you or someone your know have Celiac Disease? Shopping for someone that a glu…

5 Grocery Shopping Tips for College Student

With the busy lifestyle of today's college student, they find very little time t…

Justin Dukes Success Story

See how Food Fitness First has helped an upcoming star!

The Healty Food Spiral- Learning the Basics

What are food factors and what do they mean? Let us tell you...

What is the Food SPIRAL and Why did I Create It?

Learn how the Food SPIRAL came to be.

Tips For Stopping Childhood Obesity Before It Starts

With childhood obesity on the rise, prevention is the key. Karen Baldree gives y…

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